100 random facts

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i was born in the philippines, and i lived in japan for ten years. i've lived in southern california (and america) for seven years now. i will one day live in europe.

i really like media:
books, television, movies, works of art (digital or traditional).

favorite books:
1984. wicked. perks of being a wallflower. invisible monsters. bfg. harry potter series. lord of the rings series. monster. good omens. his dark materials trilogy. lots and lots of comics.

favorite movies:
boondock saints. finding nemo. inception. fight club. toy story. princess and the frog. the triplets of belleville. memento. anything and everything from pixar and disney.

favorite tv shows:
community. mad men. breaking bad. skins. big bang theory. true blood. entourage. modern family. hawaii five-o. weeds.raising hope. project runway. merlin. doctor who. sherlock. the it crowd. being human. firefly. misfits. transformers. miranda. 30 rock. happy endings. its always sunny in philadelphia.

current obsessions:
andrew garfield. carey mulligan. emma stone. joseph gordon-levitt. jesse eisenberg. tom sturridge. robert pattinson. aaron johnson. anything and everyone british.

oh i also run Andrew Garfield Fan


Tumblr Loves Halloween 

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Continuation of my Parks and Recreation AU (3 of 3- credit to my twitter pals who gave me some of the cutest ideas!

this is so cute i’m crying

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Parks and Recreation + Avengers AU!! All credit to Alycia for showing me this post and giving me ideas! (my apologies for the length of this post - i wasn’t sure how to arrange it so it’d be readable!)

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fallaces sunt rerum species means appearances are deceptive and Natasha Romanoff is the best fucking avenger fight me


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Well, I’ve got an issue with impulse control.

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